Our History



Cino Chocolate Factory, which has been in existence since 1985, has taken its place among the companies dominating to the sector in a short time with the cutting-edge technology machines brought from Europe and a high-level employee profile. It has left its mark in the period, created numerous new brands and established a throne in the hearts of the consumer with its understanding of quality.


Waltz, Lord, Bakus, Mocca, Tamtam as biscuit products; Tifil, Cinomel among the marshmallow Product Group; Power and Cino in the bar group are the most remarkable brands. Certainly, “Cino ” is the most outstanding one between them and has become an iconic product that people identify with their childhood.


SGS Chocolate has take a mission for bringing the countless brands produced by the Cino Chocolate Factory back to life and maintaining the principles it has carried since the first day. The factory, located in Istanbul, continues to produce eagerly from the day it was first established in 1985.


In addition, it maintains the production of Shour Sox, Efor, Futball Gum in the same factory with the same vision by incorporating Frutsi gums established in 1975 and is one of the leading companies in the gum industry.


It has been awarded ISO 9001 quality certificates and ISO-22000 Food Safety Management System.


It operates with its dynamic structure to bring countless brands from the past to the present to their lovers in the first day originality .

  • Quality of Products
  • Product Diversity
  • 36 Years of Experience