Privacy Policy

In order to provide better service to the customers, SGS Group demands certain personal information from you (name, age, interests, email, etc.). The information collected on SGS Group’s servers is used only within the SGS Group for periodic campaigns, designing special promotional activities for customer profiles, and customer “classification” to avoid sending them spam e-mails. SGS Group does not share the information collected by means of the membership forms with third parties, does not use it for any non-operational purposes, and does not sell it without the knowledge of the member.


In addition to the personal information demanded   in e-mail addresses and membership forms SGS Group also  analyzes and interprets the movements and preferences of visitors during the use of the website. These statistical data, which do not contain any personal information, may be shared with SGS Group partners to provide a more exclusive and effective shopping experience.


Customer information may only be disclosed to official authorities if the information is requested and in cases where it is necessary to be shared in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force. All the information that the customer enters into the system can only be accessed by the customer, and solely the customer can change this information. It is not possible for someone else to access and change this information.


You can easily exit the mailing list by clicking on the “if you want to leave our mailing list” link at the bottom of the emails sent by SGS Group, or by leaving the “I want to receive advertising and announcement emails” option blank in the “Updating Membership Information” area exisits in the” My Account ” section through the website.


Within the framework of the legislation, customers have the right to request information on how their data is used, to request the correction of incorrect data, if any, to request the deletion or destruction of the obtained data, to object to the processing and to request the compensation of the damage, if any. SGS Group declares that it will delete, destroy or anonymize the data if the reasons requiring the processing of the customer’s data cease to exist. Your credit card information requested on the payment page is never stored on the servers of SGS Group or other companies serving it in order to maximize the security of our valued customers shopping on the website. This ensures that all payment transactions will take place between the bank and your computer through the SGS Group interface.


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